An affordable lengthening mascara

I'm not very loyal to mascaras, I normally find that they give me roughly the same results. However, I have found an affordable lengthening mascara that hits a few of my requirements. I decided to try this Mecca Max Wink Ink Super mascara, off the back of the recommendation from the You Beauty Podcast. You get the… Continue reading An affordable lengthening mascara

A sensitive hair removal cream

Never though I'd be writing about a hair removal cream, but here we are. I heard about this Woo Woo Tame It! In-Shower Intimate Hair Removal Cream on the You Beauty podcast when it was recommended by Leigh Campbell. The cream is designed to basically give you a salon wax result, all from the comfort… Continue reading A sensitive hair removal cream

An over-hyped shampoo and conditioner duo

I was SO excited to give the Bondi Boost Hair Growth shampoo and conditioner a go after using and loving their growth treatment spray for awhile. After trialing it for a few months, I've discovered it's really just over-hyped. You would've seen me post about the best shampoo and conditioner duo to achieve silky smooth… Continue reading An over-hyped shampoo and conditioner duo

The best exfoliating face mask for glowing, clear skin at home

If you haven't ever tried the Summer Fridays Overtime mask, it is genuinely the best exfoliating face mask I have ever tried. I’ve had this mask for ages and have been holding on to the last little bit of it for a long while because it’s just so good! All Summer Fridays masks leave my skin… Continue reading The best exfoliating face mask for glowing, clear skin at home

The perfect eye mask for sensitive skin

I was lucky enough to receive the Rejuvenate Eye Mask from James Cosmetics a couple of weeks ago, and good golly they are divine. They are the perfect eye mask for sensitive skin. Before I dive into this post, can we talk about what the correct way to place an under eye mask is? When… Continue reading The perfect eye mask for sensitive skin

The best nourishing tinted lip balm

I don't tend to pay much attention to lip products, unlike many of my peers. I suppose it's because growing up, my mum never used lipsticks so I never adapted them to my makeup routine either. However now, at the ripe old age of 26, I have found the best of both worlds, the best… Continue reading The best nourishing tinted lip balm

This gel nail polish is incredibly long lasting

I used to manage this blog many years ago, at the time it was called We’re With Her. When I started blogging again I archived all my old posts, looking to start a fresh. Now that I have been up and running for awhile, I have decided each week I’m going to bring you a… Continue reading This gel nail polish is incredibly long lasting

How I repurposed this shampoo that didn’t work for me

I purchased this Nak Hair Nourish Shampoo from Adore Beauty after my hairdresser told me to get a salon cleansing shampoo which would protect the colour in my hair. After a bit of research, this shampoo is said to be a rich, protective shampoo for dry, damaged and coloured hair. It also notes that the the… Continue reading How I repurposed this shampoo that didn’t work for me

The most hydrating sheet mask ever

I have never liked using sheet masks, I have always hated the slimy feeling for a minimal impact to my skin. However, I have since found and been able to use the most hydrating sheet mask ever. I was incredibly lucky to be contacted by Bioeffect to try their imprinting hydogel mask, and to be… Continue reading The most hydrating sheet mask ever