Self-Care in a Changing World: Tips and Tricks for Finding Joy Amidst Chaos

I couldn’t have even begun to have imagined what the past two years would have to throw at us. I can’t even believe that I used to have these tiny little problems, that I thought amounted to the world. Self care has become more important than ever, so let’s chat about self care when the world changes.

I wish I had a way to make sense of all of this, to compartmentalise it and put it away in a concealed box in the back of my mind and move on with my day. However, even having this expectation feels like it is too much.

There have been so many TikTok trends lately of becoming ‘that girl’ and honestly, I find it more demotivating than its intention. Some of the things that they do in the videos are valuable, I think its perhaps the way that the videos portray that you aren’t good, or you’re not doing enough if you’re not doing it the way these videos say you should.

Here is a list of things that can help you practise self care ~

Kick start your day with something small that makes you happy

Whether that be make a morning coffee, tea or smoothie, go for a walk or watching an episode of your favourite show – kick start your day with something small that brings you joy. Starting your morning off in a way that you enjoy is going to put you in the best possible mood, helping you to feel like you’re in control of what’s directly infront of you.

Keep a gratitude journal

If you’re a writer like me, keeping written to do lists, shopping lists and writing out my thoughts help me feel on track and in control. Writing down three things that I am greatful for in the morning, keeps me feeling happy and like there are still good things left in the world.

Focus on each day at a time

Alot of things are completely out of our control, and it’s easy to get stuck in the future and worrying about what will come of it. Anytime my mind drifts there, I remind myself to look around and see where I am. A fundamental way to manage anxiety like that – in my experience – is to address the five senses. What can I see, smell, touch, taste and hear at that moment? It takes a minute, but it’s grounding and helps to focus on the things that you can control.

Organise a space

I love a good afternoon of organising, refolding and organising my clothes, sorting through the pantry and organising everything into containers. If you can’t fathom where to begin, spend an afternoon bingeing The Organised Edit, or Tidying with Marie Kondo on Netflix. They’ll give you the motivation to get going.

Create a list things that you have always wanted to get to

Learn a new language, visit a waterfall, start scrapbooking – the sky is the limit! You can make them things that you can easily access right now, to busy your mind. Or you can make them bigger things that you can bank up to look forward to once the world opens back up and we can start to travel again.

Spend extra time on your skincare

Skincare = selfcare. Spend an extra few minutes doing your skincare, take the time to enjoy the process of applying your carefully selected goodies, connecting you to your routine.

Catch up on beauty treatments

Take a long hot soak in the bath, pop in a hair mask, whiten your teeth, laser your legs at home, give yourself an at home mani-pedi – whatever makes you feel pampered and brand new again.

Listen to an e-book

I am personally partial to making a big order online and getting the thrill of unboxing, reading the backs and arguing with myself over which to read first. However, if life gets in the way of you sitting down to read, audio books can be just as satisfying.

Re-watch a tv show that brings you joy

Gossip girl anyone? The original, none of this remake business. Not into TV? Potentially catch up on Youtube or podcast episodes you have missed.

Buy yourself some flowers

Never underestimate the power that a fresh bouquet of flowers can have on your mood.

Find an exercise to fall in love with

Exercise? Seriously? Trust me, I’m hearing you. Finding any motivation whatsoever, is hard. And the guilt of doing nothing, is hard! I have found that out of sheer necessity, I have been going for walks around my area which has become something bigger than I ever imagined. It’s a peaceful time to listen to a podcast, admire the beautiful homes that line the streets and dream about how I am going to get in the housing market myself.

Clean out your wardrobe

Goodbye frills, peplum tops and bandeau skirts! Bonus points for selling them online for a few extra bucks.

Sell unwanted items online

Clothes, furniture, old phones – the works. I’m sure there are a dozen things laying around the house that you don’t need that could go to a loving home.

Discover a new hobby

Knitting? Running? Painting? Playing video games? Online pottery classes? The world is your oyster.

Do some research on your next potential getaway

Dream. It’s all we can do.

If all else fails, just shop online

That small dose of serotonin has to count for something right?

I hope this list of things helped motivate you to find some joy in your day. If nothing else, I hope that it at least helped distract you for a minute or two.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post, self care when the world changes.

Until next time,

Melissa Jayne

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