Is Vitamin C the Missing Piece in Your Morning Skincare Routine?

Before being introduced to the in-depth skincare world, I hardly had any idea that you could apply Vitamin C topically. I know, I can hear you screaming at me through the screen – I’m sorry! So I tried it of course, and it begged the question – is vitamin c vital to a morning skincare routine?

So let’s dive into what Vitamin C actually is…

No, I don’t mean cutting an orange in half and rubbing it all over your skin. Although eating your vitamin C is a great way to get in your vitamin C intake, your skin reaps the biggest benefits when it’s applied topically. According to research, it actually 20 times more potent than the oral intake.

So how does it benefit your skin?

Well look, in short – people say it does everything. Firstly, vitamin C is an antioxidant, meaning it protects skin cells from damaging free radicals caused by UV exposure. The key benefits are said to:

To start my vitamin c journey, I tried the Boost Lab Vitamin C brightening serum. It’s an excellent starting point for people who haven’t tried a Vit C before.

The product itself absorbs quickly and is a lovely base product under makeup. It’s $29.95 at most retailers or you can sign up to their subscription service and they’ll offer a 20% discount on each bottle.

After all this, reading the reviews and the benefits of vitamin C, it sounds amazing. But in my personal experience, it seemed to promise the world and deliver peanuts. And by peanuts, I mean peanut sized pimples all over my face. I know it takes roughly 30-45 days for your skin to get used to a new product, but my skin just did not like this vitamin c.

I’m currently trialling the Typology Radiance Serum 11% Vitamin C, which seems to agree better with my skin so far, so stay tuned for the results.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post, Is Vitamin C the Missing Piece in Your Morning Skincare Routine?

Until next time,

Melissa Jayne

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