Exfoliating My Feet: Was it Worth the Hour-Long Wait?

I recently spent an hour with an exfoliating foot mask and I enjoyed it a lot more than I ever imagined that I would.

If you’ve ever seen that meme circulating online of that character from Fantastic Four which says ‘your feet watching you buy more face skincare products’, that is literally me.

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I hadn’t tried any of these foot masks for a very long time, many years – I want to say. But when I had done so, I hadn’t really noticed a difference. Let me tell you, when you plan to do one of these, make sure that you carve out a decent chunk of time. Make sure that you have enough beverages and snacks in near reach and a good movie to watch as you simply cannot get up during the process, it’s way too hard.

Basically when you unbox the pack, it has one pair of the feet mask and some sensitive lotion. You pop the feet masks on for 60-90 minutes, and you best believe if you need to get up at all, you have to shuffle around, no lifting feet here.

After I removed them, my feet tingled for awhile and since then have felt much, much smoother and softer since. The back of the pack said you might have dead skin start peeling off after 3-4 days. On day four, I noticed I hadn’t experienced any flaking, which I was grateful for. But around day seven, I did notice subtle flaking on the back of my feet. I think if I had left the masks on longer, it would’ve produced even better results.

It also conveniently comes with a free and convenient 100ml travel size Dermal Therapy Sensitive Skin Lotion. So after you have finished your mask, you can moisturise the next few days with the provided skin lotion. You can grab it from Chemist Warehouse for only $18.99, and I will certainly repurchase it in future.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post, An hour with an exfoliating foot mask.

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Melissa Jayne

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