An over-hyped shampoo and conditioner duo

I was SO excited to give the Bondi Boost Hair Growth shampoo and conditioner a go after using and loving their growth treatment spray for awhile. After trialing it for a few months, I’ve discovered it’s really just over-hyped.

You would’ve seen me post about the best shampoo and conditioner duo to achieve silky smooth hair a month or so ago. After finishing up those hair products, I decided to give this bondi boost hair growth duo a go. It’s been roughly two months of consistent use and if I can highlight the positives first up, I can notice hair growth. I wish I took a before picture so I could compare it to the stage it is at now! But of course, I didn’t think of that at the time.

I have fairly long, thick hair so I find that I need a LOT of pumps of product in order to lather my whole head of hair. However if you had thinner or shorter hair, I don’t think this would be much of an issue for you.

It has a peppermint scent which isn’t my favourite, but I do think it makes my scalp feel clean. I have also noticed that my hair feels incredibly dry and brittle after it’s dried, so consequently when I use a hair oil it really drinks it all up.

Here are some quick wins that the brand provide on their website:

To buy a pack of both the shampoo and conditioner it costs $54.99 for 300ml, which isn’t bad – but considering you can buy salon products for roughly the same price, it’s not the best. I wouldn’t repurchase this one unfortunately, I don’t think it lives up to the hype and it’s not incredibly cost efficient or easily accessible for me.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post, an over-hyped shampoo and conditioner duo.

Until next time,

Melissa Jayne

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