Saving my strands

I used to manage this blog many years ago, at the time it was called We’re With Her. When I started blogging again I archived all my old posts, looking to start a fresh. Now that I have been up and running for awhile, I have decided each week I’m going to bring you a (slightly edited) blog post from the archives. So please enjoy this post, which was originally made on April 14, 2015 — saving my strands.

So you’re all aware that I got my hair dyed back to blonde recently and I’ve been trying all shampoos and conditioners known to womankind to keep the blonde looking fresh. To be honest, it wasn’t going too well for me and here’s how I knew it.

I walked into Mecca the other day and my friend was there and she said “Oh Mel, I LOVE the pink!” Umm what? I thought she meant my pink cami but, she was talking about my not so blonde locks. So naturally I spent about one hour looking at my hair to determine if it truely did look pink. Honestly? It did a little. So I figured I’ve really got to find something this out.

So I had a look at the products I was using and did a little research to find a quality product that I could use to maintain the blonde. Up until now, I have only bought my haircare products from my closest grocery store. I had a few things I was looking for, obviously to replenish my hair, to revive the colour and I wanted products that were made in Australia.

It was then that I stumbled upon Salon Solutions. They are an 100% Australian owned and operated company, devoted to the manufacture and distribution of salon quality haircare products, and an extensive range of salon essentials for nearly 20 years. They pride themselves on flexible and genuine personalised customer service. Our complete hair care systems, NFuzion Professional and Edgy Haircare, are 100% Australian manufactured, with absolutely no animal testing.

I used the Salon Solutions Replenish Moisturising Shampoo, ($18.95) and the Salon Solutions Replenish Moisturising Conditioner, ($18.95). After my first wash, I noticed an actual difference in the ends of my hair. I’m not even kidding, it felt a little airer, softer and healthier. I have been happily using it since I got it, which has been just over a month now and I am totally thrilled with the results.

I also snatched the Protein Hair Care Treatment ($18.95) and added it in after every wash plus in the mornings when I brush my hair. It is the best hair treatment that I’ve used outside of a salon. The spray works to smooths the cuticle and strengthen damaged hair, adds moisture sheen and rebuilds hair strength.

Thanks so much for stepping back in time with me to read saving my strands.

Until next time,

Melissa Jayne


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