An eczema friendly shower cream that hardly cleans

Ever since my eczema started getting worse as I got older, I have been using sorbolene bar soap to manage my skin irritation. In an effort to mix things up, I decided to try an emollient shower cream, when I came across this one. Unfortunately it is an eczema friendly shower cream, that hardly cleans.

Eczema is difficult to manage, in my experience there are periods of time when it is overwhelming and painful and times when my skin is clear and manageable. Emollients are supposed to help rehydrate your skin whilst supporting the skins natural barrier. This stops moisture getting out and irritants getting into your skin.

Doctors had recommended that I try using the E45 emollient shower cream, but I couldn’t find it in any stores for a long time. E45 is available at many retailers, but I wasn’t able to find the shower cream for so long. I ended up finding it in an Amcal pharmacy when I was picking up a prescription one day and was so excited to give it a go.

I really like the feeling of the the shower cream, its not oily, it didn’t leave my skin with a residue on it and it didn’t appear to irritate my skin. The formula is also soap free, non drying and non foaming. It did leave my skin feeling soft and supple, which doesn’t often occur before I have moisturised.

However I didn’t feel very clean after I had used it. As I mentioned earlier, I did use bar soap before trialling this shower cream so the switch in consistencies could potentially be why I don’t feel as clean as before. It’s not that I was still dirty, or smelt bad – it’s just that I prefer a squeaky clean kind of feeling.

Between the difficulty in trying to actually find the product and the lack of cleanliness I felt from it, I won’t be rushing out to purchase it again. It is 200ml and from memory, was roughly $12.95-$14.95. If you suffer from eczema and are looking for a shower wash, there are other much friendlier options which would work for you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post, the eczema friendly shower cream that hardly cleans.

Until next time,

Melissa Jayne

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