This gel nail polish is incredibly long lasting

I used to manage this blog many years ago, at the time it was called We’re With Her. When I started blogging again I archived all my old posts, looking to start a fresh. Now that I have been up and running for awhile, I have decided each week I’m going to bring you a (slightly edited) blog post from the archives. So please enjoy this post, which was originally made on August 19, 2014 — This gel nail polish is incredibly long lasting.

Sally Hansen already have some beautiful polishes in their line but now they have released their Sally Hansen, Shellac Miracle Gel. Regular nail polishes tent to last me one day, two if I’m lucky. Even with the new at home shellac kits, my at home manicures don’t seem to last.

Luckily for me, Sally Hansen have brought out an amazing alternative that works perfectly. They have created a shellac nail line that gives you the affect of gel nails without a UV light. There are so many colours to choose from, and the application is easy.

1. Remove any nail polish on your nails.
2. Paint on the gel colour, if needed do two coats. Let it dry.
3. Apply the gel top coat and let it dry!

After trialling this product, the miracle mani lasted me a total of five days, in contrast to my usual one or maybe two days. Which is just a miracle, a serious miracle. After the fifth day and I took off my polish, which is another great perk of this formula. You can simply remove the polish easily with normal nail polish remover, as apposed to having to remove it with acetone.

After removing the nail polish, I painted another regular polish on my nails and after leaving that to dry, I painted the gel top coat on top. I noticed after 3 days that the manicure was still intact which is great considering it normally wouldn’t have lasted that long. So the gel top coat can also be used on top of normal polishes too.

These are so easily accessible, you can pick them up from Woolworths, Priceline, Kmart, Target, Chemist Warehouse and Coles for only $19.95.

Thanks so much for stepping back in time with me to read this post, this gel nail polish is incredibly long lasting.

Until next time,

Melissa Jayne


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