How I repurposed this shampoo that didn’t work for me

I purchased this Nak Hair Nourish Shampoo from Adore Beauty after my hairdresser told me to get a salon cleansing shampoo which would protect the colour in my hair.

After a bit of research, this shampoo is said to be a rich, protective shampoo for dry, damaged and coloured hair. It also notes that the the cleanser has been formulated to freshen hair without stripping it.

However my experience with this was not great. I noticed after my first use that my scalp was dry and flaky which is very unusual for me as I never usually experience a flaky scalp, so I was instantly put off.

I gave it the benefit of the doubt and kept using it, in case it was just a once off. As time went on the dry and flaky scalp became more prominent and I noticed it was as stripping my hair, leaving it brittle and almost matted after washing it. So after roughly a month I stopped using it and pushed it to the back of my cupboard for long time.

It stayed there for many many months, until I was out of the wash that I used to clean my makeup brushes. People say that some regular shampoos are too harsh for the bristles of your makeup brushes, however I didn’t mind giving it a go.

So I reached for this and washed my brushes with and was really happy with how it works. I hate wasting things, so this is an awesome way for me to use it up. Below, you can see a little Instagram reel that I made which shows exactly how I wash my makeup brushes.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post, how I repurposed this shampoo that didn’t work for me.

Until next time,

Melissa Jayne

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