Beauty products I’m loving this month

I used to manage this blog many years ago, at the time it was called We’re With Her. When I started blogging again I archived all my old posts, looking to start a fresh. Now that I have been up and running for awhile, I have decided each week I’m going to bring you a (slightly edited) blog post from the archives. So please enjoy this post, which was originally made on August 30, 2014 — beauty products I’m loving this month.

We’re finally in the last month of winter! I cannot even explain to you how difficult my skin has taken it this time around – rougher than any other winter. So let me fill you in on all my favourite products that I’ve used over the last month to revive, sooth, smooth and remove. These are staying in my collection forever, that’s how much I love them.

For your face

QV facial cleanser, $21.49

This is literally the only face wash that doesn’t have my skin freaking out… It’s like the saying, ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away,’ except it’s more like ‘QV everyday keeps the dermatitis away.’

ModelCo FluidSplash 3 in 1 Foundation, $24.95

New product alert! ModelCo have revamped this old favourite multi-purpose foundation, which helps to prime, conceal, and cover imperfections all at once. Plus, it evens out your skin tone and eliminates shine… if it replied to emails, it’d pretty much be the perfect foundation.

For your eyes

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream, $75.00

Okay this one is a little expensive, but I bought this back in April and I’m still nowhere near done. My under eye area gets super dry, maybe cause the skin is so thin and sensitive, so I just dab a little on, let it dry and boom! Lovely hydrated skin.

For your nails

Fave colour: Bio Sculpture’s Cherry Red

If you’re a Sydney gal, you should check out The Nail Lounge in Surry Hills. It is the first store to open offering Bio Sculpture Gel polish and Harriet was lucky enough to experience a luxury gel manicure, and swears it was by far the best gel manicure she’s ever received. They have a huge range of nail polish and gels to choose from, and don’t worry, you can even paint over the gel with a different coloured polish if you get bored of it, and once you remove the polish (make sure you use an acetone-free remover) the gel colour remains the same as it was before. Genius.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, $19.95

I cannot convey my excitement for this product to launch. All you do is paint on your colour and then the gel top coat over the top and that’s it. There’s no light and it totally and completely works! I’m gonna need one, make that two in every colour.

RevitaNail strengthener, $29.99

I’ve been pretty harsh on my nails this winter. Shellac, acrylics… you name it I’ve done it. So mix that with the extensive use of hot water and hand dryers on my hands and it makes for some seriously broken and chipped nails. So when I need some strengthener this baby is my go to. It makes them feel stronger almost instantly and it lasts a few days.

Thanks so much for stepping back in time with me to read beauty products I’m loving this month.

Until next time, 

Melissa Jayne


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