A natural body serum which soothes eczema flare ups

I first heard about Biologi on the You Beauty podcast when it was recommended by the queen of beauty herself, Leigh Campbell. It was described loosely as a natural body serum which soothes eczema flare ups.

Throughout the podcast episode, they chatted about how this BF Restore face & body serum was really gentle, was suitable for use on babies and was created with people who experience eczema in mind. So I popped it in my adore beauty wish list and waited for a time for it to come on sale, as it retails for $72 for 50ml.

I’ve had it for about three months now and I really love it. Firstly it’s completely natural, and has a very high concentration of finger lime. There are SO many benefits to finger lime but my favourites are:

– Assits in healing acne
– Stops premature skin ageing
– Assists calming psoriasis breakouts
– Eases the appearance of rosacea
– Helps pigmentation

Although all these things are awesome, my favourite benefit that I have noticed so far is that after I moisturise any eczema flare ups, I pop some of this on top and the redness in my skin is completely gone. And that patch of skin feels soothed, hydrated and so nourished.

I mostly use it on any parts of my body which are flaring up which is typically my legs & hands, and then use it on my décolletage after a shower just for the anti-aging benefits.

As I mentioned earlier the serum retails for $72 for 50ml, so it certainly is on the pricier side. You could try a 5ml size for $14 if you don’t want to commit to the whole thing, or they also have a 20ml for $34 as well. It doesn’t regularly go on sale, I happened to grab it for 15% off in a sale on Oz Hair & Beauty so perhaps pop it in your wish list on their website. However in saying all this, a tiny bit of product does go a long way and it’s something that’s well worth it for me and my skin.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read a natural body serum which soothes eczema flare ups!

Until next time,

Melissa Jayne

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